themasterGRANDMASTER CHUNG graduated from KYUNG HEE UNIVERSITY obtaining a
masters degree in physical education.
He was the first person to open a Taekwondo studio in southern California
back in the early seventies. In 1965, before coming to
America, he had the opportunity to teach our art to the Vancouver Police Department
whose authorities sent a team of personnel to scout Korea for a martial art instructor that
could train their force in self-defense. Since then he has
accomplished many extraordinary feats. He has been on the cover of BLACK BELT
along with many other publications. In the martial art’s community. He has a reputation as a
Master of hard and effective combat
technique, as well as an intelligent, strong minded, but very soft spoken individual.
You will learn more about
this man in the near future. GRANDMASTER CHUNG
has accomplished a great many things in his life, but his indomitable spirit and pursuit
of perfection will not stop him from achieving much more.

"Grand Master Dae Woong Chung with Chief Instructor Kerry Wilson"
"Grand Master Dae Woong Chung with Instructor Jessica Coria"
"Grand Master Dae Woong Chung with Jose Torres"
"Dr. Duc Bui Grand Master Dae Woong Chung"