WHITE -The white belt means many things. It symbolizes
a new beginning like a new born. It signifies that the wearer
is in need of guidance. (White belt, 1st yellow, 2nd yellow)

YELLOW -The belt represents the gold or wealth found
deep within the earth. Sweat and hard work are required to
achieve this level. This belt roots a student in the
foundation of Chang Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do.
(Master Yellow belt)

BLUE -This belt signifies the sky; the atmosphere that
surrounds the earth. Through constant practice, students
mature not only their mental and physical bodies but also
strength in spirit. (1st Blue, Master Blue Belt)

RED -Red symbolizes the sun that is above the sky. It acts
as a warning to the student himself and the people around.
Self control is required because danger and death are at
ones finger tips. (1st Red, 2nd Red, Master Red)

PROVISIONAL BLACK - This belt is earned through very difficult training.
Training not only of the body,
but the mind. It is an instructors level. The person holding
this belt is About to embark into a society very few have ventured. The duties are
many And the rewards are few. They are in preparation of taking
the Black Belt Test. The physical demands that will be required of them are many, but the Mental
aspect of the student is taxed. This is an instructor's level. (CHO-DAN-BO-NIM)

BLACK -It is the combination of all three basic colors. It is
the symbol of the universe, an endless journey to the
unknown. It signifies the maturity, ability, and proficiency
in the art of Chang Moo Kwon. (CHO KYO NIM)