1) Children shall greet their parents with “HI MOM! HI DAD!”
when they enter the home and tell their parents “GOOD BYE” when they leave.

2) Children will always be respectful of their parents, teachers, classmates and elders.

3) Children will be kind to their brothers and sisters. They will never make fun
of them in front of others.

4) Children will keep their rooms clean and will help with the cleaning
of the entire household.

5) Children will keep their hair, body, and teeth clean daily.

6) Children will not interrupt adult conversations.

7) Children shall fix the recipe for straight “A’s” daily!!

• When you come home from school, open the
refrigerator and have a glass of juice.
• Open your books and review what you
studied today.
• Do your homework.
• Preview what you will study tomorrow.