1) Students are to bow (Kyong-ne) respectfully when entering or leaving the
dojang and upon first encounter with the master or an instructor.

2) Discipline yourself to respect a fellow student who
holds a higher belt rank. (Regardless of age) As well as all other students.

3) Always address your master or instructors with “YES

4) Foul language, derogatory remarks, horseplay or disrespect
or unnecessary laughing, is not allowed.

5) No shoes, jewelry, watches etc. gum, candy, drinks, (other
than water) or smoking is permitted at the dojang.

6) Always wear a clean dobok (uniform) and demonstrate
Good hygiene. (White dobok's used to symbolize purity)

7) Keep finger and toe nails trimmed.

8) Show enthusiasm, spirit, and good sportsmanship at all times.

9) Always face the opposite direction from the instructor and
Flags when fixing your dobok.

10) Never use your knowledge and ability indiscriminately.

11) Never argue with an instructor.

12) Notify your instructor when absent due to illness or vacation.

13) Remember the “TAEKWONDO” is not only for your
Health and your defense, but for mental discipline that
takes constant practice.

14) Support your Taekwondo dojang by inviting your
friends to watch and explain to them the true training
spirit of Taekwondo.

15) Remember to always thank your parents or loved
ones in letting you spend time away from them for the betterment of yourself..